Your Source for Quality Extreme Strength Forged Wheel Blanks

Worldwide Industry Leader

Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc. (AST) is a rotary forged manufacturer of premium wheel products offered worldwide with tooling available for one-piece and multi-piece wheel blanks. Our wheel blanks give wheel companies the most options for supply to their customers. All manufacturing and engineering is completed in our Oxnard, CA facility located just north of Los Angeles.

AST offers a complete range of premium automotive, motorcycle, off-road/trucks, racing, and military wheels.

AST has common tooling in popular shapes, sizes and widths offered for fast manufacture. Our in-house engineering and wide variety of available forge tools and mandrels make new fitment readily accessible and affordable. Custom sizes and styles or new fitment paired with experience makes new programs obtainable.

Why AST?  Experience. Over 20 years in manufacturing of forged products. We offer design flexibility, short lead times, rigorous quality and commitment to customer service.

Unmatched Design Flexibility

  • Modular Tooling Approach
  • Ability to easily offer different designs, offsets and widths

Short Lead Times

  • Set up for short runs
  • Flexibility on scheduling

Quality & Commitment to Customer Service

  • U.S.-based customer service
  • Dedicated Sales Reps

Rotary Forged Products Offer Extreme Strength for Every Wheel Market

Rotary Forged Centers

  • For multi-piece wheel assemble with near net shapes
  • Helps reduce material loss and lessen machine time
  • Offers strength and flexibility for multiple vehicle fitment applications


  • Rotary forged Monoblock for aftermarket wheel application
  • Fully forged one-piece blanks maximize strength intended for targeted vehicle fitments

Military Wheel Blanks

  • AST has produced and delivered over 40,000 forged aluminum road wheels for battle tanks for the U.S. Military
  • AST produces forged components for military runflat wheels in use for vehicles that operate in extreme conditions and carrying high payloads