Forged Wheels

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Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc. (AST) is an industry leader and supplier of premium forged wheel products worldwide with over 5,000 unique designs and complementary tooling for one-piece and multi-piece wheels. All manufacturing and engineering is completed in our Oxnard, CA facility located just north of Los Angeles.

AST offers a complete range of premium automotive, motorcycle, off-road, racing, and military wheels in sizes up to 34” diameter to a worldwide customer base.  Most product uses 6061-T6 material but other alloys are also available.

The corner stones of our market approach are unmatched design flexibility, short lead times, rigorous quality and commitment to customer service. AST is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by the TÜV Rheinland.

Looking for forged wheel blanks?


Luxury Car Wheels

Automotive Monoblocks

AST offers the largest selection of forged one-piece wheel blanks (Monoblocks) worldwide, ranging up to 26” diameter and 13” width. Because of our modular tooling approach, AST has the ability to effortlessly offer our customers different designs, offsets and widths (with ease). Monoblocks are available as fully machined or rough machined blanks, depending on customer preference.


Centers for Multi-piece

AST has existing tooling packages to offer customers center forgings from 11” to 34” diameter in an unparalleled variety of styles from domed to deep concave. The current product offering includes bolt on, stepped and welded style centers for automotive, offroad and racing applications. The available offering includes over 2,000 different forgings or the possibility to create a new and customized design.

Off-road wheels

Off-Road Wheel Blanks

AST has pioneered the offroad and lifted truck wheel segment with ever increasing sizes; starting the program with sizes ranging from 15” to 30”. All sizes can be offered in flat and concave designs and the option of customizing the offset and backpad diameter to fit a wide range of vehicle applications. Offroad wheels are available at lower minimum order quantities.


AST also applies its wheel forging technologies to the All Terrain and Utility powersport segment.  Because they are lighter and stronger, true forged aluminum wheels maximize a vehicle’s off-road performance.  Heavier wheels slow you down and weaker wheels can leave you stranded.  All sizes and configurations are supported by AST in both true beadlock and beadlock-style configurations.

Military Wheels

Military Wheel Blanks

AST is a major supplier of wheels for military and security vehicles, offering both one-piece and multi-piece products in various sizes and styles. Applications include armored vehicles, cranes, rock crawlers, and mining equipment, all operating in heavy duty and off-road conditions.

Porsche on Race Track


The racing industry greatly profits off of the weight savings and performance increase (by) using premium forged wheels. To enhance this further, AST offers a high strength, proprietary alloy which performs up to 30% better than 6061. AST has a large variety of existing and customizable racing wheels in 16” to 19” diameter range, which are currently being used in high profile racing series in the US and Europe.

Race Car with flames

Drag Wheel Blanks

AST offers various one-piece and multi-piece products for drag and oval racing applications. The focal point of this program are various versions of 15” and 17” diameter spindle or lug bolt mounted blanks, as well as a range of centers used in sprint and midget racing wheels.

Motorcycle Wheel Blanks

AST’s motorcycle wheel product is offered exclusively through our distributor MSI Wheels in South Gate, California. The full program includes 32 different sizes starting with 16” diameter rear wheels up to 34” diameter front wheels. These include 2D, Hybrid, and 3D designs for more flexibility and creativity. Please contact MSI Wheels directly for all your motorcycle wheel requirements.