Robust Energy Storage Solutions for Hydrogen & CNG

The Best Way to Store and Transport Hydrogen, CNG, and other Alternative or Renewable Energy sources.

AST manufactures large diameter, seamless, one-piece Type III aluminum liners that can be fiber-wrapped to become Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPVs), synonymous with the term “Cylinders” often used in the Alternative Energy industry. We can produce a liner or a finished cylinder for your custom application.

Our high capacity, high pressure Type III storage solutions measure up to 26” (660mm) diameter and 120” (3,048mm) in length. We offer a variety of liner designs to suit customer applications.

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Forged & Flow Formed Liners & Cylinders

The Largest Diameter Type III Pressure Vessels for Alternative Energy Storage

For optimal safety and storage potential, AST manufactures large pressure vessels using its own unique flow-formed forged liner technology, exceeding the performance of extruded tube methods, and with superior metallurgical properties.

Hydrogen Pressure Vessels

Our Solution for Hydrogen Storage

H2-MAXTM cylinders are designed for hydrogen storage in various applications for zero-emission and sustainable mobility solutions with service pressures ranging from 350-500 bar (5,076-7,252 psi).

The large diameter and volume of the H2-MAX allows for fewer cylinders, valves, and PRDs; thus, minimizing potential leak points due to the reduced number of fittings and connection points required when compared to a traditional hydrogen storage system designed with conventional cylinders.

Key Benefits of H2-MAX:

  • Largest diameter Type III cylinder for hydrogen applications in the market
    • Custom cylinder diameters fabricated in-house
  • Seamless, one-piece aluminum liner
    • Inherent leak before burst failure mode
    • Superior heat tolerance for extended cylinder life
    • Higher impact tolerance for increased safety
  • Faster and complete filling with significant benefits
    • Efficient and complete fills in extreme temperatures
    • Reduced fueling cost. Superior heat dissipation requires no chilling during filling process
    • More complete fueling reduces range anxiety
  • Extended life cylinders
    • No replacement needed after exposure to high temperatures
    • Surpassed testing requirements to meet maximum cylinder life

H2-MAX hydrogen cylinders are uniquely suited for rugged environments, and ideal for compressed cryogenic applications.

  • Offroad
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Rail applications