Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Solutions

Scalable H2 Storage and Mobile Transport Solutions to meet your unique requirements

  • Self-contained pods with valve, connections and manifold
  • Connect 1 to 5 pods
  • 1 pod contains 9 cylinders
  • Vertical compact modular design allows for full accessibility, easy service and maintenance
  • Variation of pods or complete pod/trailer assemblies available
  • Pods are sized to fit in standard containers
  • Type 3 cylinders enable fast and complete filling
  • 100% useable storage volume; empties completely – no residual hydrogen
  • High temperature resistant cylinders

Hydrogen Pressure Vessels

The Largest Diameter Type 3 Pressure Vessel for Hydrogen and alternative energy storage

  • H2MAX cylinders are designed for hydrogen storage in various applications for zero emission and sustainable mobility solutions with service pressure of 350 and 517 bar (5,076 and 7,500 psi).
  • The large diameter and volume of the H2MAX allows for fewer valves and PRDs, thereby reducing the number of fittings and connections, and minimizing potential leak points.
  • For maximum safety and storage capacity, AST manufactures pressure vessels using its own unique flowformed forged liner technology.