Alternative Energy

Gas Storage Solutions for Demanding Hydrogen and CNG Energy Applications

For optimal safety and storage potential, AST manufactures forged and flow-formed aluminum liners that are then fiber-wrapped to produce Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPV) for hydrogen and CNG/RNG storage.

These “Type 3” COPVs offer advantages to alternative designs for compressed gas applications where safety and enduring impermeability are paramount. They are also ideal storage vessels for cryogenic applications.

Looking for Gas Storage Solutions?

Pressure Vessels

Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels

Larger sizes, higher pressures, and faster fill times are all achievable with forged and formed aluminum lined pressure vessels. The greater storage capacity of these seamless Type 3 COPVs result in longer intervals between refueling. They are damage tolerant and maintain gas impermeability throughout their service life.

AST specializes in high capacity, high-pressure storage solutions up to 26” (66 cm) diameter and 120” (305 cm) in length.  We also support smaller, more traditionally sized COPV applications.

Forged and Flow Formed Liners

AST supplies aluminum liners to customers performing over-wrapping operations in-house.  These liners are ideal for your most challenging Type 3 applications.

Forged and flow-formed liners are available in storage capacities significantly greater, and with superior metallurgical properties, to that of traditional extruded-tube liners.

They are also well-suited for use in insulated vessels for the storage of liquid hydrogen (LH2).