Advanced Metal Forming
Components Manufacturer

Looking for a metal spinning specialist, supplier or factory? Let us help solve your biggest project challenges.

  • Forged Wheel Blanks & Components
  • One-piece, Seamless, Large Tubes and Cones
  • Largest Diameter Type 3 Liners and Cylinders
  • Cylindrical, Conical, Parabolic, and Spherical Shapes from Forged preforms made from Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Stainless, and other alloys

Markets We Serve


  • Rocket nozzles, combustion chambers, COPVs, and other forged aerospace components
  • AST has completed challenging spinning and forging projects in complex shapes using aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless, and other alloys for our aerospace customers
Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

  • Type 3 aluminum lined cylinders for high pressure, high capacity gas storage solutions
  • AST manufactures the largest
    diameter Type 3 liner or cylinder for hydrogen and CNG storage
AST Automotive

Forged Wheels

  • AST is a worldwide industry leader in forged wheels
  • Categories include but not limited to: premium automotive, motorcycle, off-road, racing, trucks
  • Over 2,500 monoblock and modular wheel designs to provide wheel manufacturers with the most options for their customers

Manufacturing Technologies

AST Forgings


Unmatched Material Efficiency
  • 4 state-of-the-art CNC rotary forging presses with near net forging results
  • Reduction in tooling setup times for higher spindle utilization rates
  • Largest rotary forging press can forge parts with a diameter of 40”
AST Flow Forming

Spin/Flow Forming

Advanced Metal Forming Process
  • Advanced metal forming processes designed to manufacture complex cylindrical, conical, and spherical shapes from forged preforms
  • Multiple CNC controlled rollers mechanically work material over tools, creating a near net shape on the outside and inside diameter
  • 7 spin/flow forming machines, creating a wide variety of rotationally symmetric shapes with a high degree of material efficiency
  • Largest machines with 65 tons per axis creates large diameter tubes and nozzles for high profile space applications, oversized military wheels up to 27” diameter or 30” diameter truck wheels
  • Automated robotic arm machine loading and unloading for spinning process enables high efficiency and cost effectiveness for large volume orders
AST Machining


CNC Machining
  • AST has both a conventional and CNC machine shop with over 45 machines for lathe turning and milling
  • The machine shop has a large line-up of machines with a swing of over 40” diameter
  • Strategically organized to serve multiple product segments, allowing for quick setups between projects
  • Elaborate library of programs with proven simulations, part number grouped tooling kits
  • Highly skilled staff of manufacturing engineers and programmers

Quality Assurance

Heat Treat

Heat Treat

Certified and Surveyed Systems
  • 2 in-house heat treat systems
  • Continuous belt furnace
  • Drop bottom furnace
  • Both systems certified and surveyed systems support most aluminum alloys
  • Continuously monitored for temperature uniformity and process control
  • All product is run through a rigorous post heat treat process which consistently monitors hardness data and samples of mechanical properties
Quality Assurance

Testing & Monitoring

Committed to Safely & Efficiently Delivering Quality
  • AST has a robust quality assurance process, auditing and monitoring all manufacturing processes
  • Receival of raw materials, first article inspections, final inspection prior to shipping to customers
  • All processes are based on detailed engineering drawings and control plans with predefined in-process inspection sheets
  • State-of-the-art laser inspection instruments are used for inspection and quality assurance
  • Metallurgist on staff to inspect metallurgical details such as grain structure and mechanical properties
Tooling at AST


Fabricated In-House
  • Metalforming relies on tooling to control how material moves from a starting shape to a deliverable/li>
  • All tooling used for forging and spin/flow forming is fabricated in-house, enabling cost control and production schedule efficiencies
  • AST uses common tooling on numerous components of the same diameter and style, reducing the amount of dedicated tooling needed and leading to shorter lead times, more product variations, and a better value for our customers

AST would like to salute our rocket manufacturers for their historic achievements.