Pressure Vessel Liners & Tank Components

Pressure Vessels, Cylinders, Seamless Liners

Seamless cylinders for pressure vessel/COPV liners in aluminum, titanium & Inconel

With over 10 years of manufacturing cylinders and COPV liners, our proven rotary forged, flow formed capabilities are ready to meet customer requirements.  Symmetric and asymmetric port designs, and a wide variety of contours and wall thicknesses from .030 to 0.5”, We offer 8-23” in diameter and lengths up to 10”.


Domes for COPV liners in hemisphere, geometric, and toroidal shapes.

Maximum flexibility in meeting your manufacturing process for pressure vessel liner production. Unmatched strength and durability using our advanced metal spinning capabilities.

We offer 8” – 60” in diameter and lengths up to 100” with wall thicknesses from .050” to more than 2”.


why large rocket components are difficult to manufacture

Flow formed tubes up to 180″ in length and up to 24″ in diameter gives a wide parameter for customizations for our customers.

Tubes are a key component to pressure vessel liners. Our in-house capabilities allow for flexibility to meet our customers’ unique manufacturing requirements. Whether you want a tube, or a closed tube, we can meet your needs.

Leverage our in-depth expertise and advanced technology to ensure each tube is crafted with precision to meet your specific requirements.