Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a forming technique that takes a preform or blank and clamps it against a spinning chuck. Spinning rollers then form the preform step by step until the material has been brought into final form and the surface is smoothed. A variety of other, additional machining processes can be performed at the same time.

Metal spinning displays obvious advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and flexibility including generating savings in material and the possibility of creating any kind of form changes at a low tool cost and in fast production runs. Metal spinning is one of the most competitive alternatives to other similar metal forming processes.


Yes, we produce many complex shapes that would normally be made from multiple welded together assemblies.

Yes, we specialize in small to medium size orders.

Yes, we make our own tooling and prototyping.

Email or call us with our information and we will provide a quote.

Metal spinning is a very economical method to produce complex shapes.

We do not do welding, polishing, finish machining or assembly. We specialize in forming and rough machining.

We can make parts greater than 80″ in diameter, and more than 100″ in length.

In addition to spinning or shear forming, we also flow form tube. Our process would be done at high speed.

Yes, we can do complex shapes in multiple directions.