Industry-Leading, Metal Formed Rocket Components

Knowledge, Experience, Flexibility = Rapid Development & Delivery

  • AST’s engineering technology and streamlined manufacturing processes deliver the most critical portions of rockets, spacecrafts, missiles and other components to the aerospace industry for aviation and space applications.
  • Complex geometries, non-standard shapes, larger, lighter, using a variety of exotic alloys…delivered in one-piece…enhanced strength, durability, and performance.
  • In-house engineering, flexible operations, and a catalog of experience allow for rapid development and delivery.

Examples of AST’s rocket components portfolio

AST supports multiple current space programs with our rocket engine components.  If you have a challenging application that would benefit from the strength and durability of single-pieced, metal spun components, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Rocket Engine Components

AST has built a portfolio of capabilities for producing single-piece engine nozzles and combustion chambers for the launch industry.

In comparison to traditional techniques of welding multiple forged components together, AST’s single-piece solution enhances nozzle durability and quality while simplifying manufacturing processes.

Forged metal chambers with complex geometries and no welded sections result in a stronger, more durable chamber and a streamlined assembly process for our manufacturing customers.

Contact us for a quote – whether it’s a cone, dome, combustion chamber, nozzle, or other component, we’re happy to discuss your design needs.

With AST’s wide array of capabilities and experience, creating a wide variety of rotationally symmetric shapes with a high degree of material efficiency greater than 80” diameter and greater than 100” in length, we have the capacity to meet your challenging needs.