City of Oxnard

AST has been doing business in the City of Oxnard for over 25 years. We are an active member in our community, and remain committed to providing jobs to our local residents, and support to our large military community.

We’re honored to have been one of three companies to have been featured in Mayor John Zaragoza’s 2024 State of the City address. It was a rewarding experience as our CEO, Rob Melsness, guided the Mayor around our facility during a film shoot for his State of the City presentation.

Mayor John C. Zaragoza Speaks to Oxnard’s Continued Progress During Annual WVCBA State of the City Address

AST is in partnership with the City of Oxnard to help Community members get great jobs in Oxnard.

About the Oxnard Employee Pipeline

The Oxnard Employee Pipeline will train local residents to get the skills they need and guarantee them an interview with Oxnard companies that offer great pay and health benefits.

The program was created in partnership with Oxnard College and the West Ventura County Business Alliance, and offers residents the chance to take three classes and receive a certificate that will guarantee them an interview with an Oxnard company.